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Contact me and describe what kind of amp would you like. Please try to be more specific like power, kind of power tubes /EL34, 6L6 or other type/, do you need separate controls for Presence for example, do you need any effects integrated etc. After we discuss all details including vinyl's color, type of knobs, front panels type etc. I'll give you an estimate  for your project. If it's OK for you I'll need either at least 50% deposit.


Please do not send credit card numbers and/or any other related personal information because I don't need them! I don't store and/or process such kind of information!


There are different shipping options depending on where you are located. DHL, UPS, In Time and other similar companies and services are always an option but considering the average weight of an amp it's not always the best option so please let me know your location in order to find the best solution. However if you request a specific shipping service it's not a problem. Before ordering please check if any import, custom taxes or similar are due from your side because I'm not responsible for such possible additional expenses!