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TYRANOS is a 100W all tube - 5x12AX7, 4xEL34 amplifier
with two channels - Clean and Drive.
The Drive channel has two modes - DR1 and DR2 for more gain.
The amp has a footswitchable tube FX loop with two selectable modes.
The loop can be part of the sound at all times or completely switched out of the sound path via the footswitch included. Many sound shaping options are available through several switches on the face and back panels.
The amp is entirely hand wired on an eylett board using high quality components and is customizable to individual needs and wishes.

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It’s a two mono block stereo amplifier - two channels are completely independent from each other with their own power supplies. The amp can be used with 6L6 or EL34 tubes.
Each channel has Volume, Presence and Depth (Resonance) controls.
Two 3 position toggle switches provide many different options for tone shaping.
The PRE switch is an input section low cut filter including flat response.
The FB affects the amp’s negative feedback going from almost none to two deeper levels.
The amp can also operate in bridge mode for double power.
A fan failure circuit and indicator provides protection against overheating (optional).
Different face panel and mains voltage options are available upon request.